They’ve needlessly inebriated intelligence again and faked their very own Outwardly Deaths. They’ve championed themselves to the point of partaking in pureness for the sake of saving their –

Nonstop bRaiN. “We won’t forget about the hours and weeks which took their breaths away. She’s paying for her nervous disposition by standing as TALL as the tallest of them all.

And if they REALLY weaken their thoughts to a lightly loud murmur then we just might
Find the needle cHaoTiCaLlY embedded in the STACKED haystack.

“She’s been beaten to a beeswax pulp AGAIN even though she’s not a victim of anyone-else anymore. When it comes to her date of cradled CONfession she appeared —-

to search by NOT ACTUALLY SEARCHING AT ALL.” Why isn’t it impeccable ANYMORE for them to wring dry their absent-minded eyes? And why can’t we mind the world inside of our aforesaid eyes…

“instead of WAY UP WhERe inside of an
ADdLed AND highly adjustable, aHeM… mind?”