There is a devilish twist in what this artist chose to do to represent herself/ she seemed to deem it all a whole lot of fun and games and decidedly different mInDs for DiFfErEnT kinds of people.

He fullest focus-1st was something which repaired broken ties, even IF, and when, the only ties that truly did mean anything specified…

Were good-God ethereal- eternal, even.
And IF what IS rather rapturously real HAD have actually been ALL-OF-IT a wideAWAKE(!) and WONDERFULLY fictitious thing of overbearing emotion… … ..

Only in a MOST meaningful and meandering sense of aforeMENTIONED artistic ENDeavour, then she’s done her utter duty to some kind of MIldLy HOSTILIZED society!

Yes, she’s BEEN to the back of beyond AND come back as STRONG-faced as a metaphorical Ox- When constraint follows itself with ultimate comfort in self-containment and it appears to have been

– the call of the day.

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