I do play games with the devil inside of me, leaves me with no place to go, a most sincere flow lost and completely forgotten now, fell all too rottenly right out of my window
What did you do to me, you came along and took me down, no such surrender, made me a prisoner, shackled and shamed, tore apart all of my gracious surroundings, a life only ever deemed to be a rather fine art, once oh so resolute foundations
No room left for any kind of sensation
All of the usual characteristics: elation, a smile that garnered miles of respect, that daily injection of hope no longer there
Now all I can do is sit in my chair at home, reckoning myself forever alone, reeling in acres upon acres of turmoil, relentless despair, sad to say it but all too often wrapping my hands right round an enticing rope
Perhaps, my friend, therein lies the real ray of hope