We’ve weighed it all UP ENOUGH NOW to sincerely express unapologetic opinions of these SERIOUSLY IGNORANT people. We’ve even

Silly-as-we-all-are DillYdalLiEd inside of our WIDEAWAKE heads. She’s — depending on everyone else to make her feel — furious AND ferociously felt and AT THE EXACT SANE time, please. What if we’ve

Ended our lines (of cradled Cocaine) with a sincerest REsniff to the system of a mostly mollycoddled brain? She’s

Been thinking-up all these new rules and FooLinG tHeSe oThEr people into being bare-naked Neanderthals and asking the TALLEST Y’ALL QUESTIONS of

Everybody else. “It’s a grade-A harassment happening inside of her mind-over-the-smartest-matter… … and she’s just as available NOW(!) and all-in in her bestialised BrAiN as she’s ever mother-effinG been .” He won’t

Even Say another word at her listening earPEACE, though, but for == “C’MON!!” Preciously pushing her about-to-be determined kind of mind mentally-both-gently toward eventually-both-finally —————- towing the line…

of preposterously precise FACE2FACE awareness, and with that scintillated cigarette she will bask in her own state of official precision = eyes wideAWAKE, mind about to skate against the surface of something searingly serene