With one another’s stop-start hearts – the whole bleedingly obvious thing

Soon as intricacy leads to distasteful reoccurrence
Maybe must

To have and to inadvertently crush til but lovelorn golddust left in our travailed tracks again

I take it all right the entire entire back – just had to fail in learning from my agonised mistakes

For Christ sake, if only I’d have grown to have known exactly what it was I was about to miss out upon

– Hindsight frostbite –

When what is so alarmingly right suddenly winds itself mind-bogglingly down
Seems I pissed against this notoriously tempestuous wind with no sails wrapped round and watched my inadequacy sting your pretty little everything – I’m a metaphorical man I am
So you do get to know, that unforgettable face held all of my imagined for wickerwork dreams in the seriously romanticised beginning
Time will thin these dreams of ours til empty wannabee shells shrined to only ever yourself – signed out of the game we did indeed
Rest-assured I’m an unrequited disgrace with nothing but heady regrets at the all too coated, bloated and cumbersomely dreaded ready
This elusively over-eager aforementioned dream is fleeing on hot wheels and yours truly is but a bystander longing to be a final passenger