They’ve even asked themselves the same-sane addition of nauseating questions until, the time took itself away to taste its own sense of claiming AND C-A-L-M-I-N-G cReAtioN: “is this IT?! Its makeshift ZEN?” Its all-of-anything else, REALLY –

Happy-mInDeD people CAN-not but invest in their VERY own truest trUSt, cannot but —

Bolster these blinkering doors WIDE-SHUT: “Daddy AND Mommy Dearest have been” —

bAsKiNg and bathing ‘til acting ALL-kinds of borderline BoNkEr$ again, these typically overEaGeR(!) people with cReAtiOn for intermingled fingers; surrounded by sensation-of-sound to make sense of This One Life: One. Of. A. Kind.

“And… BrEaThE!!” Fair easily at 1st, all-be-it equally we Do purPOSEly f-a-i-l to see
E Forest for these truckload-of-trees. And turned glorioUSly towards…
uncertain bunches of literary ‘mulch’

“If for nobody else, the world’s most fearless writers appEAR to be terrificALLy thankful
For this unsustainable, U-T-T-E-R-L-Y vainglory inSTANCE,” if nothing-else!”

NOBODY else(!) will even BEGin to think to cater to C-A-R-E

: Spare a thought for these push-comes-to-shove, love/lUSt wannabes – these eager-beaver PeOpLe of OFT(!) overbearing inTELLigence, “please.”