There’s an entire story cocking to crow inside of their addled tried and tiredly TESTED MINDS: we’ve even been insistently watching them/him/EVEN her… and it all seems to be

A little… BIG BIT livid and LOCOeMoTiVe! This thing which shares its space with two sides of his (DIS)organised bRaIn.

Plain outright antagonised and using the time to up-stick and RESTOCK his sellout SeNse of underestimated potential again…

He takes his instrument and ACTS OUTRAGEOUS and HELLbEnT, so as to settle that softly ‘violated’ violin down to a silenced scream… “again!”

It is red and covered in stains of stranded (grand old) memories – this public house, THAT unforgettABLE plACE of creative inspiration, sugarcoated amidst

A pint-to-three of conversational recovery- shared humanely between One Homespun ViolinISt and his favourITe people

L by professional personality

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