Admitted myself in on 16th November, worried to the last
To hell with all of this drama, time I gave the God damn thing a blast
Headache like no other, kind you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy
Fail to fix it now and things continue to be a whole load of hassle for my mother

Course after course to deal with, head in an outrageous spin
Seems that all of that forward thinking has been a constant waste of time
Doctors tell me that I need to relax once and for all
If I really want for things to start to feel sublime

Of course, I’ll never get any medal for doing this
No-one ever able to see what it is that is going on in my head
While I might spend hour after hour in bed
All they ever get to see is a lazy and reluctant sod, personality relatively dead

A quiet chap I may come across as but only because of the pain
When each and every day all that I wish for is the anxiety to disappear
For the dreadful drama to do me a favour and wane
Bottom line is this, I have to face the fear