Unaware albeit eagerly prepared to turn a whole town on
In a most delightful way possible
Fashioned out of relative perfection
Latter years unable to make any such interjection, creeping and crawling
Crying out for a little time all of their own, but no hope whatsoever
Fallen by the wayside
Ironic really
Made up her own mind right from the beginning, making her immaculate decision
Precision owing to an utter longing for a life-less-ordinary
Extraordinary foundings
Warts ‘n’ all, a scroll of handsome men in hot pursuit
Who’d be the overall winner in the end
When it comes to what truly matters, reap what you sow, bare the fruits of your absolute labour
Her devoted husband set to forever remain proud-as-punch and the rest
One man who had a craving, an undeniable hunch
A million-and-one glares over a warm shoulder
Fast turning to stares
The hunt for an entirely different slant on Red October
First her hair colour, latter the glorious month of an all too anticipated arrival
She came here in search of a romanticised survival and far, far more
Adoration can sometimes blow the mind, mesmerisingly visualised degrees of eye candy that can manage to unstitch the most prised pair – padlocked
Sit with her, manicured procedures at play, and take it all in
Stock of the very best kind
Unlock the truth