The car took a wrong turn and muttered right near her ear – to make way
For gargantuan upheaval
To crush and to solemnly steal it all away so unprovoked suddenly
An accident which distanced one whole girl from everything – reaching mid collision to care for her own cherished life
These twinkle bright eyes will propose to close themselves entirely, while a shocked and despaired man comes to stand nearby – pocket – fisted, frozen to the bone of his disgust – filled being
He cries, roars atop a twisted body to magically wipe something back to life
Yet there can be no replacing this particular piece of misshapen jigsaw fixed in agonised time – pained on so Fucking outlandishly, mind – alteringly strong
And he soon starts to sit and realise that a thousand other eyes will cry further down the tapestried line – where he shall become the known, sworn enemy forever praying to pay for his fleeting interruption
Clutching at these angst – ridden straws which have already made their final unearthly decision
To flee the irretrievable scene