When radio put the skids on me…
So much fun to be had for a kid coming right out of college
With Dusty Rhodes pulling the strings, keeping an all too professional eye on things, surely a young gun such as myself couldn’t, shouldn’t go too far wrong
Then there was John, sat right at the helm, a smart guy when it came to the technological side of things, just knew who, who not to bring in
“This is what we will do… you and Neal go about stealing the show by talking about celebrities, then we bring in a band or two who will sing for their supper”
This is what Dusty did, slid on into the studio, inundated us with that days tabloids, “Read these from cover to cover, and lads, be sure to shower your audience with outrageous humour”
All well and good ’til I left my filter-system at home one day, had an all too verbal say when referring to Jade Goody’s outspoken personality, her cancerous tumour
Ironic really
On with the show, a Jagermeister seduction
Neal and I had the right kind of attitude in place, able to take it all on, face any such noise, a mighty fine concoction all of its own, could this turn out to be Dusty’s finest production?
Hard to know what with Ian Dempsey the next room over, couldn’t but wonder what a radio-star got up to during the course of their day, in between having their established say
Did he drink or in fact remain sober?
The latter of the two but this didn’t stop the grandmaster from coming out with a daily dosage of magic slews
Our show was liked, not yet loved, but we were just beginning to build a bridge, they took it down far too early, before we could make it to the next all too inevitable stage