Hard to know what each of them was there to do
The model relaxed, smoked a few
While the aged accountant fixed the last of his weekend taxes
Strumming along in the background, the musician was glad
Not to be bumming about some place underground
A hotel room with one helluva tune
A big yellow balloon to wish their friend Larry a happy birthday
What was it going to be
They’d have to sit tight, wait & see
Soon the room was filled to the brim, drink flowed
& before too long someone committed a sin
The model hooked up with the musician, position after position
Nobody knew
Even though a few felt the need to rid their seed
The model satisfied all of the above ’til she stuck her hand up, said she’d had enough
A hex was placed on her
Voice coming out in a slur
She would continue on ’til she received her money
Larry got the surprise of his life, his adulteress wife left back home in Orlando
Erika strolled on up to him