This has by no means been a pretty existence, rather juxtaposed we just have to suppose – atrociously, quite barbarically aligned by all of these downright horrendously imaginatively over-active things going on up inside – begging to pray for a mere moment of sought after quiet
He seems to feel it when least suspected, a threat to the whole entire process on manic wheels
So you know, he sees how ridiculous every next painstaking bit undoubtedly is, that has to be the hardest part of all, the agonised realisation of poor representation
Feel for him, please do
You’d be a fool to miss out for he’s been trying to mean to amount to absolutely everything
A conscientious girl, so much as a tantalised friend, this steaming hot coffee honed on in a la one bohemian cafe or other will do just fine right this peculiar minute, thank you so very much for your preciously instigated time
Silent for a fair while, albeit pushing to make that all-encompassing difference
When over-productive under-productivity takes to harassing the life right from you, few who truly do get to realise why, oh why these tears pepper seriously wrought-iron eyes
Been disgustingly disguised for too long a time altogether, whether his nearest and dearest feel it or not, he feels it akin to nothing quite like you’ve ever experienced before – to unwillingly nurture the very same process which tackles and shames, crucifies this particular man-child to the core of an otherwise happy-go-lucky, wannabe being
– Believe it or not, there’s perhaps a touch of comedian begging to relay –
– Imprisoned and overwhelmingly pained –
Rest-assured, it is the silver-lining within the quick-fire writing that will finally save this brave and battle-hardened soul ’til a majestic rung above – he does appear to write like there is nothing wrong whatsoever
Prepared to meet a day head-on like only you and yours can, have done, from here on in, he has to unmatchedly thank you from the bottom of this pulsating heart for waiting in these scintillated wings for simply him
– he’ll get money and he’ll get funny again –