A little bit worn ‘n terrifically torn, perhaps
Nonetheless, no lapse in Scintillated concentration
A notorious pair of wannabe somebody’s – shredded outright to the musical bone of two prioritised fledgling beings
Meticulous to the nth degree
Beyond typified belief
They begin to breathe it out, in again
A penny times ten for their manic percussion, thank you, Please
Haphazardly dressed to coax aside inundatedly impress – wholeheartedly echoic
To have and to hold, play right on through ’til your each and every murmuring heartstring begs atop borrows to steal and beat a brand new life of its skip again own
The scenario where expression means absa-fucking-utely everything
He smiles, whilst she taps her hobnailed, wicker – work feet – attired by Missouri boot’s finest
And radiates akin to tapestried crazy folklore – these notes are fair sentimental it seems, written to adolescent, unashamed Arctic Monkeys knock-off meaning
And these suit-clad, gladragged passersbys with diamante-embellished jewelery on struggle to keep up for their each and every self-nfkicted wannabe worth
When it bleeds their ears in a most unbelievably, righteously stinging manner of which – Rock ‘n rigorous Roll just strolled on in and took you at free-willed hostage for a tantalised moment
These notoriously money-hungry eyes suddenly clasped then precisely stitched to the memory of a carefree lifetime