At first the inbuilt thirst will struggle to keep up with itself
A mere few seconds to suppose, propose to only ever himself
Head and shoulders above, choreographed to not exactly appear that particular way, of course – cloaked and choked into typified downward concentration
A brand new and lavish toast
The meticulous man’s delve – to permit this Genius back in
Scintillated to placate what’s fiery aside outright contagious
And then these nimble, extracurricular fingers tremble in a most manically taught manner, hungry notes speak at will to float on up
And bite the shy, shy roofed – off sky which lies silent and slumbered, albeit nonetheless devotedly overhead
He looks on up, about to be terrifically overheard
Interrupt those who’ve been waiting in these piercing wings
The critical nature placed upon by the matter of fact stranger, stickler sonsabitches the whole damn lot of them
When pen meets page, and page entices hands atop his treasured everything