“Yes, they are talking about a PSYCH-lopedic UNDERSTANDING, a hardy and gladly Argumentative endeavour of endlessly trading-off” —-

between one CATCHED-and-caughten phrase AND the Other/ this sitTING, stirring… albeit rather rambunctious instance multiplied until, ALL of the words of the INSTANTaneoUS universe

… … BEGin to hinder (themSELVES) and environMENTALLY HuNgEr(!) for their very own Thirst – “yes, it IS a cruel world and we want IT to remain tHIS way – beCAUSE…

And this part is ALL-IMPORTANT, actually!
That the signifiCANce of adding this personality to THAT pARTicular trade-off shALL(!) have to substantiate and suitABLY announce itself, herself… “HIMself!!”

To have been: Judgementally ON. ANOTHER. LEVEL & worth the entire strengthening of its m-e-a-n-d-e-r-i-n-g and oftentimes MaNiAcAl mannerISm$

“This strengthenINg of ART for the sake of taking the reader’s solitude and situational mind (AND EYES!) to another realm
Of antagonised ReAliSm!”

And soul, AND heART.

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