She pours her orange soda and the bubbles retreat at slow-freezed, upward coursing pace – details per say, ’tis all in the fastidiously upright mind

Finds herself outright jovial like she swore that she could – should have done all along

Fantastically serene, a way about this man-handled world of forever treasured ours
And these eyes have been to see a most constant ‘demise’, ‘barbarically brutalised’ and ‘unwittingly paralysed’ rip-soaringly by, till she simply cannot reach to breathe

Only now, it just must be anything but outlandishly tweaked atop terrifyingly twisted, ‘cept, of course, for these rolling and ramble-some words pristine

– Seems nothing could ever dilute-itself-disgusting against these intrepid words of carressing hers, either way forth –

Cinematic razor sharp: A welcome arrow through the heart
Underneath you feels like home, electric shocks to the bone

Walk the line till but an invisibility complex of its promiscuous, haphazardly silenced own – a final breeze upon the wave-goodbye horizon, and she’s prone to extracurricular brilliance from here on in

Hold your tepid begrudgery for another such sorry soul, because she can, and absolutely will – mark our mirror-imaged words – fair charmingly defeat you