It IS an over-ambitious item of (if needs be) prioritised and slightly LEFT UPright AND PLACED deafeningly askew B-E-W-I-L-D-E-R – few of Us who t-r-u-l-y knew!

When it became P-r-e-s-s-e-d furthermoreAgainst, Her dis–tan–ced, DiSheVelLed face: p-r-a-y for her pretty little Minutiae instrumentation, please, and DO-NOT go easily

Into this (Inescapable) room wherein- Words and Wise, Wise Wisdom amount to account

For almost every next nuanced thing!

She’s a bag of beautifully sitting Slightly UPright bone/ with just One/Way Home to wherein —-

InvaluABLY, said aforementioned words OF wisdom A-L-A-R-M themselves time again… …

Asking Themselves to dAnCe as though: The WHOLE-wide-world really ALL ought-to have been listening, intently

With their prioritised ears pressed just so very wellAgainst the air up “Where!?”
Above the beyond and a GENUINE violin tended to her tilted chin… “is this it, though?” Precisely what we’ve been searching for and in one holy-god moment?

Of scintilLATEd portrayal and late, lAtE, L-A-T-E on into the night it (WILL) go
‘Til it IS fully formed, forged and it ferociously f-l-o-w-s

Swimming and DaNcInG inside of our stay-awhile minds!!

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