They’re talking about CONfining themselves to one such room studio and finding the rhythm to meet the RhyMe: “why not… bother themselves and to an unequivocal point of OVERReAcTiVE iNtElliGEnCE?!” Because… … THIS!!! All of it HAS BEEN

A mindful entRAPment of the maniacal mInd, even if SHE didn’t actually appEAR to mind all too much ANYMORE—

How his storylines and their utter, U-T-T-E-R failing to rhyme IS WHERE-in(!), therein… THERE-OF — the real riotous ROOT-OF-rhYthM comes to him

In a heartBEAT, a sudden-most alarming AND insanely suggestive inSTANCE

“This is IT; and he has achieved it with..
His hands tied behind HER back, and ALWAYS ASKING… “for his brain to sit (masterfully) still.”

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