What if, though, we touched timber and turned it to credible gold, “GOD DAMNIT!!” And what if we altered the utterly non-alterable {again} and spoke in the loudest-both-lowest {level of} whispers known to

Many MEN? Ending up alone and unarguably aGiTaTEd inside of a bathTUB with all of her disco-fever, disfigured toys at hand seems to’ve become

Its very own game of “get the hell outta here… NOW… plEEEEEASEEEE!!” She’s

Been a ‘simple SUZIE’ and she’s even ADMIRABLY admitted total defeat with these rambling, talking, alMosT AlwaYs squawking imbeciles. “And if they let the mathematicians take care of what’s numerically CONtrary and the writers write for a whole other lopsided CENTury, then they’ll be letting it all

Comfortably crawl” – back to this SPORADIC place of SPACIOUS worship and wisdom” = for the few too manY(??) people who REALLY did understand…

“ARGUMENTATIVE Onomatopoeia… .”