Seem to simply see – an inner way out from abruptly beneath

And we do tend to feel an utter outright supportive need to salute you, whilst peripheral people simply smile and stand awhile – nothing but saddened somebody’s bringing with them absolutely nothing to the table

Of plain to be seen negativity, they are waiting in these drippingly obvious wings to corrupt your almost everything

People with an over-empathetic inability lending itself to this dreaded disability swarmed rather heavily within soon as you loan the better parts of yourself to them

This mighty pen is all that they shall ever amount to… the rest may well fall gladly away to next to nothing of course

So, a champagne-cocktail toast to the standing man that is entirely We, who bless our crystal-clear days and say these things that simply need to be preached

Only ever in comedic re-appraisal – make the most outlandishly imaginative hay, please
Play these beautifully stood upright games just our very own personalised way

No delaying the inevitable triumph to downright success, dear boy

Press your retreating, thump-again chest against the equally vilified and staunchly stood beating hot sun and witness to watch it deliver… A strength upon each aside every next hand-locked one of us

For we mean everything when nothing special tends to burn away to cold, dismembered amber ash, curtailed by irreparable dissuade and dispassion

They were none too passionate were they, though?
When you intermingled it all to make sordidly set sense, flying-high-above to an anointed and unmatchedly re-awares point

Either way forward/forth feel free to step upon their coldened shoulders and to finally look at them insurmountably, crying/shamed disinterestedly fall away

Didn’t even realise it in the very beginning, that petrified they were no doubt about it built to be a second-hand ladder to narrow the route to unearth the truest truth

Be enjoyably empathetic and stress their lesser selves right the way out – bounce their minds til finally finding a dependable manner and rewiring again

Reconfiguring the shit outta themselves