People will see their own sense of geniuses and in their own tone of time and way and place. These are the Dostoyevskian days of dazed AND confused people who do no know their own strength from their mental aptitude to remain

Eagerly rude: they’ve been number crunching and calling themselves someone else’s name ENTIRELY and on utter cussed purpose, actually.
What this has been is
Honestly.. an open hearted approach to situational over indulgences. What this HAS NOT actually been IS an easy ride of ANY KinD. However. And this is where the truth WILL have to hurt some people more than many others the most —-

But she has ripped UP a million tWiStEd and sPlInteReD floorboards and ALL other states of sorry minded affair JUST TO, quiet and sIMPLY… be here.

There is an Envy inside of their desire of eye and all of it appears to belong… to Them, actually

Only ever Envious of Themselves