I do not believe that you were actually meant to be prepared just as such – people have taken to tending to talk
All about your… shall we say, inordinate disapproval with your juxtaposed to supposedly ‘inarticulate’ world
This has been an improbable slur, only ever stretching this particularly high-wired, disdained brain to a detrimental point of no known return
Had to sincerely earn it all, didn’t you just – this come-up-for-air gives a little, takes a helluva lot more
Must it be so extremely, alarmingly, downright preposterously otherworldly in the worst imagined manner of which
You appear to simply be a seriously stitched together mish-mashed article of rather haphazardously inept sorts – and I do realise that we ought to suffer right alongside of you, even if this is the very last thing which you do cherish to unfathomably see
Please, attempt as best you can to remain right here with me, because to eventually get to be yourself would be to delve immeasurably so
Insanely, fair instantly to the wonderfully tapestried core of all that is perfectly manic carried swiftly along on these unmatchedly poetic wheels of yours
We will take your peculiar aside Goddamn altogether eccentric slur – sedate to serendipitise ’til the reader’s reader inevitably realises fate to have played these wildfire cards – ahead of anyone else in this whole wide prioritised world of only ever ours – seems you stored it all secretly within this quickfire brain, to tame all that you know and to carefully place it into immaculate story-teller over-divulgence