The whole place had turned itself to a manic, God awful mess – stressed right the entire way out
Problematic people bombarded by an utter inability to make a telling difference
When will we ever simply realise and see that this is just how it was meant to be
Place these delicate seeds in altogether tapestried place, hold our bedraggled faces which carry forlorn minds of their own pressed heavily against the golden sun
To have and to feel it all ’til time starts to soar in a most glorious sense once more
Fashioned from mundane and meticulous disaster, the watertight plaster
Pour goddamnit, enthuse yourself to pour like peculiar crazy – can you not yet manage to taste it, for It’s been meaning to happen outright
To prise open these endlessly crying eyes of yours again
Momentary bouts of anguished pain lending itself to a sudden and successfully gargantuan endeavour – the one-eighty degree tripswitch of all too welcoming sorts
Sought after akin to brand new push and shove – soon as the have not’s take to subtly stealing away absolutely everything
To preciously treasure as though the most invaluable thing in this whole unknowing world of both yours and mine
Finally be to Christ, the rapturously mind-alerting, monstrously encompassing stretch from telling so far as kind
The desperate hug from Mother Earth, to kneel and to worship immediately atop of her open-toed awareness
She snared us so soon as we took to least expecting it
Respect garnered to gain, amounting, accounting, to make up the difference – she’s been there all along singing our song