He takes his time and writes the heavy line – the one which will stitch these otherwise wandering eyes to one place and one only
It needs to be outlandishly homegrown, to cause them to believe in all of his notoriously over-embellished stories – swift and tremendously unsettling for their exact worth alone, precisely how it should and, indeed, could be
And soon, a parade of infamous fellow travellers do come, to eat and wake and sleep and to merrily drink right by his soliloquy endeavour – they never sought what’s untruthful in the first place when it came to their badge of honour story – they fought for these warts ‘n’ all, don’tcha know
They are who they choose to be and manhandle his settled hand to thank him for his meticulous honesty – they’ve flicked the mirror one-eighty and finally like what they see
A treasure far greater than anything they may have ever forced themselves to have to dig up and bury again
This is the lasting impression that they have left right from the beginning
And soon, they get to picking up their fiddles and pints and starting to sing, preparing themselves to bring the whole house down around their each and every muddied knee