Anyone else’s guess for the price of credible prestige actually. “She’s done the shovelwork and worked her way back – to latter-day matter AND fact.”

Interested the right (kinds of) people in prolonging their very own stay on this ship named – “its own utter state of invaluable inundation anyway.” And they do not (even) wish for forged forgiveness… “not even for a mere and eager moment!”

When they sit back down now… and turn the working words into their (very) own homespun desire(s), plEASE… “and UTTERLY immediately!” She’s
“Thinking out-low again and feeling forged-1st forGIVEness FOR THESE HEAD-sPiNnInG people STANDING MARKEDLY BEFORE HER. And as natural as an international disaster On nearly-there ICe..

We’ve made a whole-other-story, actually, inside of our wanderLUST heads “N-O-W(!!)” and it sometimes gets itself to feeling
.. UTTERLY MOTHER-effing AFORESAID upside-down and (putridly) pummelling. Even if: we truly do it ALL because we j(US)t must

Accept a radical state of upside-down underSTANDING which wishes to scintillate and SiNg anyway… . And a stretched sketching of Tetris-LIKE tattoos against their braveness-of-body AND BONE.. for the fretfully forgetful