Oft on empty but, nonetheless, by this particular stage I feel I am surely ready
Steady feet so soon as the morning a.m. comes rapping upon my door
You pour whilst I am willing to absolutely, no doubt wholeheartedly, meet this right in the middle
Sure as sugar, I don’t bring with me any such solemn voice, or even so much as an impressively wired fiddle
But I do bring with me just one peculiar thing, namely my words
An entirely separate sort of sword, no more and certainly no less
I was born to attempt to impress
So why the hell not sit it out with me and together we will indeed battle on through
A few of you may well fall time again but don’t dare ever fret, for I get to pick you back up
Refuel that awesomely fruitful thirst
So, burst on in all the more
Remember, you continue to pore and I get to stand oh so tall, store all of your most treasured memories inside of one such utterly unique poem – sworn delicacy
Least we can only hope
Terribly unsubtle to say it but I will always be the neck and you the noose