The need to breathe is arguably the most alarming it has ever proven to be
He is crying out loud, and we can absolutely see that these lacklustre times have torn him to intricate pieces
He just has to ask, when will it all amount to something other than outright mundane – the panic-stricken wane far outweighing the altogether sought after wax of fair affable sorts
We really ought to save him from what’s entirely derogative, hold out our veteran hands and pull him from this gargantuan mess which he undeniably finds himself swimming rather dangerously, all too confusingly, within – perishing to a serious point of irreparable upheaval
Please, please attempt to steal him away before it finally gets to turning itself irreversibly sour and these powers once appearing to be worth everything to him begin to hurt so very damn much – when he may well have had it all but the touch was just too hot to handle in the first place
Seems we will need to trust in him above all else, when what’s unashamedly nothing can oh so suddenly amount to terrific kinds of everything, and all on the serendipitous flick of a ferociously telling dime, ’til aforementioned crying can cop the fuck on and make itself stop
A steaming hot coffee and a soothing cigarette with a pretty little lady amidst the yearning a.m., where his most prestigious dreams always lay
It really is the simple things