When they said that he needed to be placed from tantalised reach not a voice stuttered to move

We simply breathe for only so little as ourselves, to nurture and to quake at the thought, let alone mere sight of a fellow pretender

For it appears to be we are the single star of our very own lonesome, imaginary ladder show

To crucifyingly freeze, treat it all to introverted upheaval – peel away from ‘two brains better than one’ balancing-act retrieval

All of it rather shy and distantly stored fair endlessly, altogether needlessly within it does indeed seem – to the point of unmitigated sin against this barbarically disillusioned supposedly so providing will of ours

These hard to crack, notoriously problematic, humble to the death of our very own prone to disapproval green-shelled selves

We fell before we ever got to going again