Unsuspecting, in one such mere and honest word
Each person tripping aside humming ‘n hawing to match the addle-minded other for unashamed influence – the anticipated pretenders with gold Armani watches to steal just enough eye-candy to cause these words to appear fair exact and meticulously precise
A night perched heavily upon, soon as the Nobel Prize arrived in town
And then there was quite simply Heaney – rather jovial in fact
None too suspecting altogether, as we say
Equalled to aforementioned pretenders only minus the bravado, plus a world of radiant, heaped atop fun about to let itself begin all over again
The pen back a yonder right by the Mossbawn soliloquy will rest and wait to have another such unmatched say – its day was always waiting, lasting to stretch one such country’s poeticised wings ’till perfectly usurped this certain poet had to be
He doesn’t particularly need this, no less, yet words do duck ‘n dive, insurmountably entice one world’s unflinching eye
And they smile for a Hollywood mile – these happy-go-lucky nobody’s ’till they’re finally seen to be somebody
His wife can simply sit and marvel at a situation forever impending, tending to travel and expand by the rapturous wickerwork minute, she’s dressed to stress a bohemian-chic lifestyle
Kind on Seamus’s more so than any needless eye besides
And then the speaker does just that – concentratedly divulges – plunges immediately on in, these constrainedly configured editorialised dins are made to make a telling difference
Soon he’ll sit forth and have it all of his own – this prize to last an age-old century or ten will settle itself in and dine right aside a million reminiscing memories ’till his is the name written in to everyone’s speech bubble which comes carrying with it an undeniable, preposterously garnered respect