My father, God Bless him, he sees it all – the little fumbles, quirk-ridden foibles; if anyone gets to witness it then it is undoubtedly he
The painstaking a.m. has come on fair strong and this particular pair are well aware of it
What takes most people a mere moment will somehow, anyhow, carry no such consideration into question in consuming my almost everything ’til, suddenly so, evening time roars right back around – this appears to undeniably be his middle-child’s prepubescent to adolescent life, oh the nauseating cliché of it all to attempt to frustratingly, rather mind-alteringly behold
Sure the sweat pours, Nike emblemed feet take to trembling akin to no-one’s known business, yet the most alarming part must just be the overall aforementioned consumption, a barely there brain, stalked and wrestled ’til outfoxed to unequivocally stress
But still I fight, to the weakened being of these tiresome bones – surprisingly brittle when, really, they should only ever be bounce-worthy and proud
Agonisingly enough the ultimately opposed ‘real me’ will continue to shriek from detrimentally within – when that eerily invisible glass partition slips to slide into unjustifiable position between you and I
We’ve been thinking a lot of late and this just needs to coax itself to stop.
My wits are literally split – to have aside unfathomably have not