She will need to just do Something, this has simply been a Preposterous reoccurrence – must sizeably amount to Everything
To ignore these Bedraggled demons which swim to unequivocally swarm and begin to finally, fair notably breathe akin to everyone else in this OCD-driven world of hers
They Do Not Get To Ever Fully Understand The Utterly Unmatched, Unasked For Heartache Set To Outlandishly Quake Within
These entirely Juxtaposed aforementioned reoccurrences, soon as one particularly high-wired brain fails to tame itself and becomes Far Too Fast for its own damn good to justifiably adhere to – to sit with a friend and undauntedly reminisce, the ultimate dream pristine being barbarically brutalised
She has been Begging for going on a Crazed Lifetime of unfathomable sorts – please, oh God, please Settle Say When she can Live Again
Because, rest yourself assured, no-one can quite possibly mean it more in this outrageously tempestuous World of ours – just what the fuck is happening right about now, she has to tear herself away and ask outright
When you see it, feel it all, yet cannot quite believe it – debilitation supreme some may well take it upon themselves to say
From the beautifully incorrupt outside peering on in