We were absolutely at the heartbeat and retreat, too, of everything. They swapped their faded away faces and swallowed TWO tongues TOO MANY / just one more

Yearning to earn •• cutthroat survival plEASE. It’s enigmatic of them, actually, and it’s definitely a good and fun thing which seems to’ve

Ended-Up withIn them yet again. “We cannot understand the ACTual manners it takes to break the fourth wall inside of their bOuNcEaBoUt brain.. to mentally CrAwl like everybodyElse’s business Inside of their very own homespun dream.”

They didn’t need to scream because We Did Hear them. ••• Ear to ear and emblazoned inside of our

Stop stART hearts: to Listen (!!) Even if they had to start all over aGAIN
– a million times too many. It awaits a pretty penny

To drop