They made her do it, seriously though…
They caught wind of her everything and set alarming fire to her best kept dreams

No-one tried to realise her adequacy quite like her, when days became years in the lacklustre blink of a still radiantly pressed eye – why are the best people tied to these damn dreams only to refuse to find a manner of which to stitch themselves safely right by it

She smiles because she bleeds for this – each and every focal-point syllable
She is sensational aside one of a kind and so many of you see it, yet, still… the critical nature soon as one incredible person fails to create for only ever themselves

Three thousand wicker-word roads – tarmacadamed by inner turmoil – phenomenally mapped courtesy of a poetic and prioritised pen-scribbled endeavour, story-boarded realignment til she finally worthwhile smiles to find herself

And she always knew it was beautiful… and utterly soaked in bespoke ability – fell to her knees for one whole reason

She sees it now… and her soul was never not free

Although the delve was so damn unthinkably, unthankably, deep that she now basks, heavy breath held at captivating hand, feet caressing San Franciscan sands

She built her very own bridge – red, mist-filled dot upon the hazed horizon reminds her of her equally mammoth climb

These tears have washed away a million terrible memories
And nothing can stop these waves from utter perfection soon as they wash her pain away

What if we told you that she managed to transform this life like only an otherworldly person can, and none of you knew her One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest unasked for paralysis – this IS genius