What if, though, we underestimated the whole wide world and gave our monitoring of minds —MINUTIAE AS THEY ALL ARE anyway— back. And what if we ___ neglected to quench our truest thirst for utter oneUPmanship? She’s

Desiring all of the wrong kinds of things and she really needs “to shut the hell UP now, please.” We’ve entitled the right people to the absolute Grade-A often-than-not WRONG KINDS OF cradled CRIMES… “as opposed to what though (??)”

When she was smarter than the bibbliBOP heads standing IMMEDIATELY ahead of her that is when – she made precisely kinds of MISTAKE-laden statements which sent these peripheral people towards having been… ahem, jarringly InsAne (again). “What in the NAME OF HELL were

We ever meant to do with the way they === exaggerated all of the right kinds of mollycoddled things ANYWAY(?) When it isn’t easy for us to’ve

Stuck our binding of minds in where they REALLY were NOT wished for, nor utterly wanted. “They were ‘manifesting’ INSIDE OF THEIR pAralysEd HEADS all of the crazy-faced things HAPPENING inside of their over-RATED brains (anyway) and inadvertently, IT SEEMS, begging for

Ahem… “inner-ward inSAN£ seclusion, pl€A$€… .” When we lost our MENTIONABLE minds down by the
And she got herself heavily-both-hellishly eNtAngLeD in a mess so mother-eFfInG surreal that we really cannot get to let ourselves

“go There == EVER aGaIn, please(!)”