An urge to see absolutely everything
Limbs stretched time and time again
Getting by on a time-consuming wing ‘n’ a prayer
No such chair will ever seem to do, chew on this one a while, dear girl
Utter silence on her shyer than shy part, aside detrimental and boisterous violence
A Mommy, a Daddy with pitiful abuse running the core
Abhor, love, abhor…
Then, love once more
Too many tricks ‘n’ treats in store
About to unfold, told right in front of her impressionable face
Pouring on out of two such inept and solitude fools
Curse this very existence
Does she stay with this, make a troublesome decision to go the awe-stricken distance…
Or take herself right away?
Two such parents devoted to paying for their every negligent sin
Seems there’s no such thing as a win-win these days
Our modern age of rage, sage and, as I say, complete ineptitude