It has and will AND shall be utterly unified, uNiQue and dutifully DISQUALIFIED: from this brutalist life, of often than NOT overbearing hypocrisy

They appear to have faced the fear ANYWAY(!) and fazed it right the ENTIRETY of way out(!)

NOW: How’s about WE STAND TALL y’all and shudder to think about d-i-v-i-n-g right THE ENTIRE WAY IN to deliver…

a million meaningful mEaNdErInGs of heARTstring, actually… this HAS TO HAVE sIMPLY been applicABLE to anYThINg else, really, and we DO (not) fear this aforementioned sEnSe of distinguished and extraordinary bLiSs…

Why, though? Because.. the time is nigh and near AND built from ALL KINDS of antagonised wIlDfiRe, indeed.. in all DEEDS that we Do Wish To (wisely?!) Whisper, it seems

To appear
An OUTRAGEOUSLY egalitarian sTaTE oF aFfAiRs AND an eErIlY exponential eVeNt of UTTERLY experiential GROWTH… and other finely in-tune and engrossing thug of heartstrings

They DO like to remain starry-eyed and remote – playing with their boisterous eMoTiOnS and for ALL of a brand new day