Too many people to count
Trying to make it for the sake of their craft
I get it completely even if most of you out there find the whole process to be rather daft
There are plenty of laughs to be had, sad times too, quiet a few in fact
All par of the course
You write, your fingers feel the pain, you sing and your overworked, unappreciated voice gets hoarse
All worth it in the end perhaps, success will all depend upon your taste, the ability to remain strong, not approach everything with too much haste
Don’t get me wrong, there’s still no guarantee, so what will it be
Fame and fortune or a cult following where you’ll come upon numerously unexpected autograph signings
Either way, as time passes by you’re more and more likely to feel the need to make hay
So do your best, enjoy it all, the craft as well as the rest
Don’t be waiting for it to land in you lap, get out there, prepare yourself for relative despair
And keep on keeping on