He needs to take his mind from his Italian family and to let oneself see
these unaccustomed-to-pleasure things
suited atop
seriously booted
handsome He
We are watching fate play its unsuspecting hand, finally
Fair fucking deservedly, actually
matter of high-art tantalised fact
Trust in We, he’s been feeding on manky remnants which feel a million miles away from any such home indeed
Toe-to-bloody and travesty-gnarled toe
with that bare-faced, under-, over-, everywhere utmost un-fucking-necessary
divulgent devil solemnly placed
to attempt at thieving will to forever wreak continually demonic havoc
These people are second-best to no other person out there – they gotta breathe to truly know it, though
then right back to empired life again
Strike Back Spectacular, he did… ten times too many, perhaps?
Wires in his brain // no shame – total recall extraordinaire
You Gave Your Lacking Time To Trust Simply Us
Just took it All by the weakened Shirley temple, yet somehow still anyhow thrilled a whole fuckwit world over this brutalised to shudder-speed shoulder
Your mistakes are irreversibly prepped to take you All Of The Way Now, My Prolific Friend
Backboned brilliance in an upside-down existence… it is unexplainably sobering to see this upheaval settle itself outright
To eventually, utter unconcentratedly become the multi-faceted, talented over-divulgent one
that you scribbled you would free yourself to be
Via a million fleeting moments in re-worded, rewinded and precisely recorded proof-time
Tell us though, Son, whenever was it exactly that you decided to come home