I’ve been waiting for you to come on into my life
Stringing this damn delightful guitar as though it’s the fine and dandy line that lies right between us, when we just must make far more sense of it all
Instrumental to a point of cliché upheaval – the art part was never supposed to be easy
When we so soon stood up to the oblong monster with wings on who will take it ferociously upon herself to bite each and every next one of us to the oh so chilling bone, awaiting our final gargantuan submission
Corroding while she sings and supposes a dreaded thing or ten, my skin will reel ’til it feels the absolute sting again
Must it be so very difficult at times, prone to bouts of utter brilliance of course, remember just that above anything else, please
Prepare to twist your manicured fingers and toes and to delve like particular crazy, to parade your pretty sizeable wits ’til immeasurably soaked in rapturous bliss
So you know, you may well have to bleed
Give us this, a chance to taste what’s downright meticulous, I can almost fucking feel it, can’t you?
Stick to my courageous plan and, rest-assured, we shall soar like two birds on thawed ice, twice as delightful indeed
Now breathe goddamnit, breathe
Seems something or other is still willing to place out its hand and feed us
Who’d a thunk it, I see you sitting pretty by the trunk of our tree, about to flee the so-called nest of deceit
Tell me, are we really free?