How will this go down
I’m at the centre of town
My poem at the ready
Ever so steady, nerves of steel
Two girls, one poem
Both hailing from opposite ends of the world

Katerina & Helena
Two entirely different people
One lives in Cork City, over the road from the St. Francis steeple
The other resides in Australia
Can’t move over owed an all too severe case of malaria

I just don’t know what to do
So I’ve decided to let my poem do the talking
Keep on walking ’til I get my reply
I checked my inbox this morning but the damn thing remains dry

It’s a good poem all about home
Things I can offer them
When & if they, she comes to live with me
What will it be
I’m something of a ‘creeper’ but they seem to like the game
Shame ‘cos it’s not my thing

The first girl likes to sing, the other plays guitar
What if the shit hits the fan & they end up in the same band
I’ll be sitting with my poem in hand, drowning in mental quicksand

So the poem needs to do what it can in helping me out
Make sure I get the right girl, things turn out grand in the end
They look different too
One blond, the other a brunette with a hint of blue running through
Christ, the more I think about this
I find myself in a tricky situation
Something of a slew
Sandwiched between two polar opposite beauties
Am I about to get eaten alive