Temporarily Closed for business and not bothered AT ALL… to bother themselves yet again – – This sleeping, scintillated & deciphering sensation..

of paralytically d-r-u-n-k and dysFUNCTIONALly dreaming people Put Upon A n-ARROW LANDSCAPE

D and asking for more of the same!

Who carry with them the wits to outstAND AND wistFULLY w-i-t-n-e-s-s all other people’s peripheral moments of iconoclastic & EVERlasting movement.

Need it be, T(h)OUGH: a Jovial and Radiant/faced end of aforeMENTIONED endeavour!?

Sent to repent and truculently TREASURE

The shape shifting eraSURE… of all unknowing – do they truly NOT k-NO-w, though? – m/o/m/e/n/t/s of down/upon/their/knees, good-god Goliath atmosphere.

Soon as the RAMbunctilious rhythms appears to have been and to far fetch and F-E-A-R… … next. to. kNOw. one anyMORE -with only ONE WAY h-o-m-e.

TWO ((cocktail-enhanced)) STACKS, asking for our hands BACK.