She stuck to her blazing saddles and strike-while-the-iron-is-hotter-than-that guns
“She’s not alone, She’ll never be, into the bone, I’ll never be”
When she sees to seem as if this will make seriously sudden sense
Again and again say the hell when… “she swallowed the whole entire cap” and sat with these meandering thoughts of hers
He’s been singing, while she tends to making it equally well up as he strings these scintillated hearts of his along – an audiences’ love that “used to be a swamp”
“You’re the only one thing which he will cry about”
‘National’ treasure of mine
“Under the ground, so-ooo out of our minds”
He “won’t be vacant anymore”, stored it inside-within as she stared on up through a hostilised, crowd-mouthed atmosphere
And then, he pierced her again and again Say A Helluva Lot More When
Stealing to make up the difference to unashamedly portray his awareness to mammoth upheaval of solidified sorts – soon as this soliloquy bridge is built
“Seems everything he loves is on the table” // “When they ask what does he see, he says he sees a bright white beautiful heaven hanging over me”