Thrilled to spill and, then, any eagerness dispels and enters – entirely newly – the ghosts of Graciousness

Often, as if when, a lack of clear-cut, individual clarity takes penultimate precedence


These pummelled people who mean no real harm anymore but to dutifully challenge and dishonour her rule of wrought-iron order… .

Four fathers!!
Are all of these people really merely eager and character-laden imbeciles being written about amid a torn-over, wound-about universe of wonderment?

Or are We, simply, these non-negotiable chapters drilled with the inescapable weight of descriptively instilled heroes – lain themselves nervously astride these beautifully bare-naked ‘criminals’?

Yes, the line has been brightly div.ided, and we prey/pray for their victimless promiscuity to re-turn and earn

Its fanatically theatrical worth