Here’s exactly how we got here – J1 supreme, all of these starry-eyed cosmopolitan things stretching our boisterous imaginings to teach us to sizably reach once more
Tick – tock – tick it all off
To the unmatched, flavoursome, about to be thrilled to the filled brim core
These particular high-class man-childs do adore the whole seeming to be never-ending process
Just must
When they take to a 3-month trip of a juvenile lifetime, nerve-inducing stories gloriously unfolding, kind, kind, kind on the wanderlust smile a sentimental while
Been dreaming of such an inescapable thing so ver y long, meaning to amount to haphazardly wine and dine, to tapestry their fun-loving time quite behemothly
Keen, keen pretenders attempting to simply keep up with the entire beer-swilling creation set in folklore stone
Soon as these beautifully dressed transatlantic ladies do take to donning their favoured gladdragged attire – set a conscientious fire swarming to form and firmly warm within said desiring eyes
All of this in a momentous 12-week blink of an unforgettable instance
To think is to very nearly experience it all over once more only minus the dregged wine and rambling colour – stored to explode at the quip of a sentimental lip