It’s fairly easy to understand his desire, but maybe a little less easier to understand why he struggled so badly in his own lifetime. Definitely in so far as the acceptance of his Art goes. He was in with all of the right people, right artists, just that something did not seem to fit for him. This whole posthumous thing – really, it’s fairly hilarious, regarding the artist them-self, anyhow. They bust their chops, pretty much knowing full-well that their work will stand the test of time, only that they don’t get to wholly realize that that isn’t exactly the nicest thing in the world. And certainly doesn’t sound like a very mannerly thing to be sounding off about when you are around. Personally, I prefer van Gogh’s drive and desire to his actual art. Still amazing, I’m sure, and for other artist’s I have it on decent authority that he was, and still is, the real deal. Fair play to him though, because he must have felt things on an, ahem… insane level 🙁 And anyone who falls that far does usually end up doing such a thing, only he never got to be better enough to truly work around when it came to relieving the utter discomfort that surrounded him with-in his actual day-to-day social living circumstances.