A chocolate factory like no other
& neither do you need to win a ticket
Just become his mate
& you get smothered with the stuff on the weekend
He’s rough too
Hails from Tallaght
Actually thinking about it some more
There are quite a few
Random Bob, Andy
Phil & Dan
Such legendary men in their own right
But this is the most important part
The part that I need to make clear
Vinny just does not give a shite
Took himself off to Galway without a care in the world
Now that’s what you call fucking absurd
But there was his course in college
His high hopes to make it as a singer-songwriter
& if he does manage that I’ll be the first in line to ask him if
I can help in some way, maybe hold his lighter
While he smokes ’til he chokes
Then I get to be the writer
I like the guy, really I do
Hard to say if it works the other way
‘Cos he hates people
Thinks they try too hard
Would rather be on his own at home
Playing the guitar, having a good ol’ bitch & a moan
I didn’t want to ask him ten questions in order to go about writing this poem
‘Cos whatever I write… you go ahead & skip two lines back
That’s right, he’ll have a good ol’ bitch & a moan
When will he return home
We just don’t know
But as long as he’s happy that’s all you can ask for
Sometimes I imagine him fixated to his telly watching the tripe Lucas called
Star Wars
Phil and Bob won’t like that but they had their chance
They got their own poems
I didn’t receive a penny for my thoughts
So I’m still as broke as Vinny Wonka
Even if there’s still a distant fortune to be sought
From our musical & literary endeavours
A quirky fella to the last
But most of the badness in the aforementioned aside
He’ll always be nothing but an absolute blast
Have a chocolate vodka on me Vinny Wonka