None too sure but the need resolutely remains
to settle something quite outlandish, typified extraordinary
these intricate meanings to stretch and reach themselves ’til Constant Reader tends to drip in sentimental persuasion
caressed to grasp their each aside every single next leafed page, listen intently for prepped breath // delve quite delicately inside of a settled then rip – roaringly readied mind – delightfully, reassuringly, meet at the Writer’s wished for middle
where aforementioned do tremble, infamously wrestle, with their shitbrick wits for the ultimate collaboration to take seismic hold – too bold as a barking mad dog with a lucratively juiced bone to ever go back on their folklored word – these particular eyes are cold as stone, Unwillingly interrupted for its moss-gathered worth alone
once construction has taken overwhelming hold of its own rather threatening accord
When it needs to be a multitude of minds and not just one, the final choke – hold passed inevitably, fair tastefully, from him to them