She finally felt ready to go
Ready to take the trip of a lifetime, off to San Francisco with her, fully-equipped to take it all in
With her family, her close friends in place, she knew that all she really need do was keep that endearing smile upon her face, remain strong, enjoy whatever might turn out to be her own kind of ‘rat-race’
So far from what she had once believed she was able to achieve, riding high, peering down over this fine city with its bluer than blue skies which stretch for miles, she had given herself a chance she never thought possible
What would she do, there were of course more than a few suggestions
She could visit the Fisherman’s Wharf, enjoy a steaming hot chowder courtesy of the many fishermen at hand, sit it out while dangling her feet in the sea, the sand
Watch, as much as begin to imagine what had gone on a couple of miles over there in Alcatraz
Either way, with a soothed mind, she was undoubtedly going to have a blast, the shackles from her past down around those feet now, no longer able to cause her to cower
A newly blossomed flower, teaching the world a thing or two about how to shield themselves from any such danger, I can imagine her right this minute, chatting in unison with a complete stranger
Smiles in place
With fine food at one of the restaurants on offer, will she lend an ear to her softer side and go for something a little less healthy perhaps, something of a celebration at her out and out ability to bounce back, to turn on her ‘attacker’, unload their round of ammunition
She will never forget her old situation but it can’t hurt where she is at this moment, honing in on all that this side of the world has to offer, both for her stronger as well as that softer side
That fear has seemingly well and truly slid on out of her life, so very equipped to reap whatever she might like to sow
At one with the earth in the finest way possible, rather impossible now to take her down to the ground
A round of beer will surely appeal to her late at night, while taking a well-deserved breather, sitting it out once more in her apartment, her hotel, listening to the far off but neither too distant swell of the ocean
A mighty fine potion
For Ali Kingston life has began to run its truest course, like poetry in motion