He played it out like we should – insurmountable, to replicate will have to do just fine and dandy
Thank you so very much for your unmatched creation, took what’s wonderful and transformed it all ’till floating ten thousand rungs above – wore your weird and oh so mind-bogglingly random attire
Too many made-up faces to ever get to forget, set a most memorable scene – to songbird sing and steal and peel our wanderlust eyes open again
What is this insatiable trend stirring to occur!?
Our musical rope of accordion sorts to gather, to climb and to sentimentally cope
Cut us to the immeasurable core, stored everything rather emotively within, thinning these harshened times ’till tremendous over-creation tends to its own invaluable terms and counts for so very much goddamn lyrical creation it really is all that we shall stand to salute to talk about amidst your sad and wistful dying hour
You wore eclectic flowers in your hair and we just don’t care
Legacies can be magical, yet this modern day transgenerational tragedy can and will stop our bleeding hearts a fair while before causing them to go all over again – just settle say when: We Can Be Heroes like you